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Le Village is Here!

It’s official! We are ready to open! After a ton of sleepless nights and constant work–my little dream has come to life.

I want to thank our teachers and Ms. Roxy who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make this all a reality. Putting together 30 chairs is definitely not in the job description for an early childhood educator, but not one of them has ever complained!

Thank you to my husband for sticking by me throughout all of this, and stepping in, be it as a dad or as a contractor. You are sincerely the best person I will ever know.

To my Vivie–I love you so much my sweet 1 year old. These last 3 months have been insane–and instead of getting to spend more time with you, I’ve gotten to spend less. I promise that I will make it up tenfold my beautiful bright girl! This is all for you, so that I can watch you grow up and be a part of it. Thank you to Caro–girl, I would not have been able to do this sanely without you in my corner backing Nate and I up and being with Vivie.

Lastly to my besties and my mom–thank you for always telling me that I can, even when I am scared, angry, or exhausted and was convinced I’d never make it. I love you guys!

Here we go! Come see why we’re special. We’re Le Village. A child-centric coworking space for parents. Can you have it all? We don’t know, but you can do it all here.


Daniella Cornue

Founder - Le Village Cowork

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