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We make early education a

At Le Village Learners, we are interested in discerning the why a child wants to learn something to guide the what a child "should" be learning! We want our families to be able to create a schedule that makes sense for them. We want our families to feel supported on all fronts. 


 Drive the natural curiosity in your early learner and succeed at inspiring a lifelong love of discovery at Le Village Learners!

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Curiosity Driven

When children are curious, they are more likely to engage in an activity for its own sake, rather than for external rewards. This fosters intrinsic motivation, which can lead to more sustained and enjoyable learning.

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A day in the life at
Le Village Learners



Le Village Learners is open from 8:15a-6:00p daily depending on your package.



Our afternoons formally kick off after lunch at 12:30p. 


After Care

Our Arts and Nature After-care program begins at 3:30 and ends at 6:00. 

Classroom Drop-off begins at 8:15a

Arrive at Le Village, and drop your kiddo into the building at 3742 W Irvivng Park Rd. Head out!


  1. 8:30a Check In / Imaginative Play Stations

  2. 9:15a Circle Time

  3. 10:00a Snack + Theme Exploration w/ Letters, Phonetics, Vocabulary

  4. 10:30a Small Group Activity

  5. 11:00a Math Monsters!

  6. 11:30a Independant Play / Potty Time

  7. 12:00p Lunch


Lunch is from 12:00p-12:30p. We do not currently offer catered lunch at Le Village. Pack a snack and lunch for your little. At lunch, the kids will go grab their lunch bags, and we will sit amd have a mean together.  Stictly no nuts!

Afternoon Play begins at 12:30p, followed by nap!

After our kids have lunch we head outside to get out some wiggles. We follow that up with a classroom meditation and a required rest period. 

Nap is required!

By state law, all children are required to have a rest period. Our naptime is from 1:30p-3:00p daily. 

Afternoon in the classrooms

At 3:00p, the lights come back on and our kids have 30 minutes of Independant Play while we prep our Primary Enrollment kids for the end of their day and pickup at 3:30p. 

Our kids enrolled in our After-care program will prepare to head the park for our Arts and Nature Based program. We will leave our building at 3742 W Irving Park Rd at 3:30p sharp. 

Our Arts and Nature Program is at 3:30p.

Kids enrolled in our Arts and Nature Program head to Independence Park for exploration and play!

Science or Art and then Play!

Our nature based curriculum is from 3:30p-4:30p. We will explore in the park or create something with materials we can find there! At 4:30p we will head to the playground with the kids for gross motor exploration. 

That's a wrap!

Parents should pick up their kiddo at Independance Park before we close at 6:00p sharp. Children will be wearing bright vests and the parent will meet with the teacher to scan a QR Code to let the teacher know that they are signing their child out. 

Create a schedule that fits your need.

Le Village is intentionally designed for parents who want to have flexible care that suits their schedule.  Create a flexible schedule that works for your work and life balance. 


Unlimited Enrollement Monday - Friday for families that need full-time support!


5 full days / week


Book Part Days at Le Village. These packages are perfect for parents doing Hybrid work.

5 days / week

M, W, and F


Need some extra time? Kiddo in CPS Pre-K but you need after-care? Enroll with us!


5 days / week

Summer Sessions start June 10!

Unleash your child's inner spark! Our summer-sessions will ignite their natural curiosity and passion for learning through our tangible curriculum. Friendships and fieldtrips will fill your child's summer with joy. Enroll now to see the magic unfold!

Summer Programs: June 10-28, July 8-26, July 29-August 16 or sign up for the whole summer at a $560 discount!

Le V Coworking childcare parents working community

All Le Village Learners parents get optional access
to Le Village Cowork

We thoughtfully designed our space to fit the needs of modern working parents. From collaboration spaces to phone booths for calls to private offices, we can create a work environment that fits your needs. We also offer full onsite childcare for babies and toddlers here!


I have a few more questions.

Not a problem! Feel free to contact us or book a tour and we can answer any additional questions you may have about Le Village.

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