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Why is Learners different?

Le Village explores academic concepts in a way that makes sense to your early learner. We will introduce traditional academics like math, reading, and science through our customized hands on learning experiences. Our custom curriculum will set strong foundational elements in place so that your child excels in future environments. Students that graduate from our program are curious scholars but most importantly, learn to be kind community members that understand their important role in the environments around them.

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The foundations of our curriculum are based in the tanglible learning practices that we created for
Le Village Cowork


Big Body

Gross Motor Control & Coordination

Kids love to move! By keeping learning on the move, our kids learn coordination and team work. They learn how to work with their friends. They learn patience when they are frustrated. They learn to control their body to keep themselves safe. We aren't just letting them burn off some energy, we are investing in some of their most important social foundational elements! Layer on some number call outs and SCORE! Everyone wins.

pre k kids gross motor outdoor  play based learning

Our curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity and foster a life-long love of learning.

For Learners, we took the pillars in the foundations of our custom curriculum and expanded them. Our pre-kindergartners should be inspired when they come to school. They should see things that drive to them to want to learn more. That doesn't happen with worksheets and education that is not set in tangible learning elements! Let's get messy. Let's explore. Let's break it down as a team and talk about what we saw. Then let's practice it independently and see what new things we can find--not just about the material, but about ourselves and all of the amazing wonderful things we are capable of. 

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Academic Learning Housed in Tangible Exploration

Guided teacher activities drive a love of learning and set boundaries and parameters for your eager early learner.

Areas of Curriculum

  • Creative Projects
    Fine Motor Application, Sequencing, Mathmatic Breakdowns, Procedural Development, Pre-Writing
  • Sensory and Science
    Building Observation and Categorization Skills
  • Problem Solving and Puzzles
    Numbers Sense and Cognitive Function
  • Communication and Imagination
    Literacy, Letters, and Phonetic Sounds
  • Global Curiosity
    Maps, World Knowlege, Cultural Curiosity
pre k art STEAM Arts Based Learning Kindergarten Prep Social Emotional Readiness

It's not about perfection. It's about practice. 

Apply the above concepts into independent play and experience. We give our children time to indepenently practice and process their daily learning at their individual pace. Our curriculum is built to inspire and grow early learners. 

  • Montessori / Shelf Time

  • Tinkering and Engineering

  • Dramatic Play

  • Open Ended Art and Expression

  • Gardening

Areas of Independent Practice


Curriculum Themes by month


Winter Wonderland


Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!


Fairytales and Folklore


Rad Recycling


Pond Friends


In the Jungle


Under the Sea


Deserts and Dinosaurs


Let's Go Camping


Frolic in the Fall


On the Farm


Happy Holidays!

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