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A Love of Learning: How we created our child-centric curriculum at Le Village - Part 2

We’re excited to give you a glimpse into our classrooms in Part 2 of A Love of Learning with guest blogger and Le Village Program Administrator, Roxy Krawczyk.

As Program Administrator for Le Village, I have spent the last few months conceptualizing classrooms, defining our philosophy, detailing the curriculum framework, writing lesson and activity plans, and hiring our amazing teachers. My Montessori roots play a vital role in all of this work. The foundation of Le Village’s classrooms is a child-centered approach that values and respects each little person’s unique personality and abilities. We offer enriching activities aligned with the developmental goals of each age group that invite every child to extend their curiosities, explore their world, and learn in a hands-on, formative way.

The curriculum of the Wigglers classroom (3 to 18 months) is designed to be tailored to each child’s individual and changing needs: physical, emotional, and intellectual. This will be a room full of loving warmth and daily growth. Activities will focus on sensory experiences, motor development, language introduction, concept exploration, and social interaction.

The Explorers classroom (18 months to 3 years) will begin to introduce group activities with a variety of entry points for different abilities as well as incorporating independent exploration of key concepts and practical life skills. The curriculum will focus on refining gross and fine motor control, expanding language acquisition, encouraging creativity, and introducing collaboration. It will bridge the gap between toddler and preschooler in a way that allows each child to build their growing sense of confidence and competence.

The Learners classroom (3 to 4 years) will offer a balance of group lessons and individual exploration that allows each child to work within their individual skill set and developmental readiness. The curriculum will include a more in-depth focus on language and literacy, art and culture, and numbers and science, with activities that foster critical thinking, independence, and self-expression. Teachers will provide guidance for each child in this new level of personal and social development while encouraging an ever-growing sense of “Yes, I can.”

A Love of Learning: How we created our child-centric curriculum at Le Village

Each classroom will have a core curriculum—lessons that are always available to teachers and materials that are always available to children—as well as themed weekly curriculums which will focus on different aspects of life and culture. The core curriculum will provide the base for continual learning and growth while the rotating weekly curriculums will offer a variety of relevant content with ever-changing points of interest to keep children highly engaged. Lessons and activities will intentionally include respectful representations of all kinds of people and ways of life, simultaneously celebrating both what makes us unique and what connects us.

Above all else, at the heart of our communities is a loving support and acceptance of each and every little person in our care. The most essential thing for all children, from our youngest infants to our oldest learners, is a sense of safety and stability. We know that learning comes naturally when a child feels they are loved.

A Love of Learning: How we created our child-centric curriculum at Le Village - Boy Toddler

It has been a particular joy to design these learning environments with my own child (who is due oh-so-close to the holidays this December) in mind. Knowing that hers will be one of the little faces in our classrooms adds even more inspiration to my vision. It only reinforces my commitment to ensuring that our child-centered spaces embody everything I believe in when it comes to caring for and educating little ones.

This time of year has always been an exciting one for me, marking the beginning of a fresh new school year and the renewal of my passion for what I do. This year, I am even more excited to embark upon this truly new journey together. I can’t wait to open our classroom doors for you and your family in October!

– Roxy Krawczyk

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