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Announcing Le Village CONNECTED

Hello Villagers!

First of all, I want to thank you again. Words cannot express my gratitude for the families that we have as a part of our community. I have read every single note and word of encouragement and tucked it away to fuel the long days and nights I've been working. As Le Village CONNECTED launches this week, I hope to be able to respond to each one of you. Thank you again.

This week will bring March to a close, and for many families, a close to their active membership until things re-open full swing at Le Village. We miss you guys and we hope to see you very soon! Keep following us on social media for our public tutorials and lessons. I'll be sharing a roundup of a few activities every week for all of our members on "Hold" as well. Click on this link to see this week's roundup here.

If you've been enjoying the lessons delivered right to your inbox--jump on Le Village CONNECTED for April! In addition to these lesson plans, we will be providing LIVE activities all from your favorite staff directly to your living room! If you have a Teacher Activity Package you already have Le Village CONNECTED! See our schedule breakdown below!

For parents, we will be providing virtual classes and professional development as a part of Le Village CONNECTED. Up first is a virtual session by our very own Jess Feldt! She will be talking about "The Juggle" and what work-life balance means to each of us individually and how to shift that during these uncertain times.

If you're currently on our "Hold" Package for your onsite membership but are interested in adding Le Village CONNECTED for $75 dollars for April, please let us know! Not a physical member but interested in Le Village CONNECTED? No problem -- It's all virtual!

Good luck out there!


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