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Coronavirus Phase 4

Hello Villagers,

I feel like it has been a week of waiting for the other shoe to drop, trying to wrap up loose ends, and plan for the unplannable.

Today, JB Pritzger announced that Illinois will be asked to shelter in place. We have entered Phase 4 here at Le Village. That means that effective immediately, all activities and business will close at Le Village until further notice.

My heart is with you and all of your families during this unprecedented time. Should we return to Le Village before May, your previous packages will be pro-rated for the remaining time - ie you will never be charged more than your typical package if you opt-in for a hold or a teacher package.

We hope that many or all of you will remain with us and we'll get to see you guys virtually starting April 1! For those of you that were planning on the full monthly fee and are feeling particularly secure--our teachers are a wonderful group of people to invest in here. All money will go towards the support of their families.

My husband snapped this of me as we closed the doors this evening. So much love and hard work makes this place live and I can only hope that it is enough now. Hug those you can. I am grateful for all of you.

Coronavirus Phase 4 - Le Village Cowork

Sending you my absolute best wishes,


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